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Homework Support
Professional assistance with homework, assignments & projects

We offer:

•   Support in planning and organizing the workload/task
•   Assistance in finding the right resources / materials (where needed)
•   Guidance in completing the work to the required specifications;
•   Tips for personal organization and study methods;

We do not:

•   Override or interfere with your ideas & creativity;
•   Give you all the answers;
•   Do the work for you;
•   Take responsibility for work not completed on time or to the required specifications.

Note: Access to a personal computer/ the internet for research and word-processing might be required.

Service Options:

Casual service: One off or a limited number of sessions, to provide assistance with one particular task/assignment. (The time required to complete the task will be negotiated between the tutor and parent/student) from case to case.

Regular service: Weekly sessions of flexible length. Pre-paid 10 hour “time card” will be purchased and used in blocks of 30 min, as needed.

One-to-one sessions / home visits
Shared sessions: up to three students to one tutor. Lower fees apply.

Contact us for more details and bookings.


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